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Guidelines & FAQ's


Guidelines and FAQ’S

Payments: Payments will always be due prior to the start of any service we offer. You will be told the payment date in your agreement form, as well as on the invoice. Failure to complete any payment of services on the specified date will result in the cancellation of your requested service.

Deposits: Just like a hotel when you schedule a vacation we require a deposit to secure your dates. Dates are ALWAYS first come first serve. If you choose to not pay a deposit, please understand that your dates are up for grabs and will not be set aside as we are constantly having requests for care.

What forms of payment do we accept? A: We accept Debit/Credit via Paypal or on Square, we also accept cash payments. We do not use other payment apps for payment or accept Checks.

Cancellations: As any business that runs off of appointments, we have a cancellation policy. We require at minimum a 48 hour notice to cancel an appointment and for you to receive a refund, or transfer of dates. Failure to cancel with a 48 hour notice will result in a forfeit of a refund and transfer of dates. 

What If I am sick, or have a sick child or just have an emergency and need to cancel? We get it, things happen! And we understand and are always here to do what we can to help! However; if you are consistently canceling appointments we do reserve the reserve the right to end care and services. 

Additional Charges: If you have paid for a specific service and during that appointment request an additional service, (EX: Your appointment is for a check in, but during the appointment you request a walk),  you will be charged for the walk.

Meet & Greets: We never charge for Meet & Greets! We require meet & greets within 1 week of your first scheduled date of care. We want your pets to get familiar with us, as well as you and also make sure your pets remember us when we come back to visit with them.

Do I have to do a meet & greet? Yes. We can’t get to know you or assess your pet’s behavior without a meet & greet. 

Appointment Times: We try our best to accommodate the request of our clients when you say you need a specific time. However, we may not be able to get there at the exact time you have requested, once you give us a preferred time to provide a service we allow a 1 hour window, either the hour before your requested time, or the hour after. Ex: you request a 10am check in, we may arrive between 9am & 11am.

 Vacationing Clients: If you are a vacationing client that is requesting Check In Care visits, we require 3 minimum per day for dogs(if you have not paired an overnight stay). Declining this option will result in our cleaning clause to be added to your agreement stating that if your pet has an accident while we are not there repeatedly, you will be charged an additional $45 cleaning fee, or you may be denied services. Dogs have smaller bladders and bowels than we do, having your pet hold their business for extended period of times is unethical to us. 

Medications: We do NOT charge to give your pet medications. We believe that you’ve already paid enough for the medication!

Visitors: We require notice of anyone staying in your home, or coming to your home on the dates that we have been scheduled to care for your pet, failure to provide notice will immediately result in the cancellation of that scheduled appointment and possible future appointments. 

Why do I have to notify you of guests or visitors? We don’t want to be startled, and we don't want to startle someone. We also need to know so we can make sure that your pet is being taken care of properly and that they are the way we left them happy and healthy!

Safety: Safety of your pet will ALWAYS be our first priority. As a pet care provider it is our job to make sure that we are alert to any possible safety concerns. If we feel at any point in time that your pets safety is of concern we will immediately let you know. We also reserve the right to end an appointment at any time if Safety is of concern.

Weather: Weather plays a huge part in what we do! Summer is a great time of year, but it is also a very deadly time of year for pets. We will never walk your pet if the temperature is above 85 degrees,or play longer than 10 minutes outside, we will also never walk your pet on asphalt or any hot to the touch surface. We do walk in the rain as long as lightning is not present or safety is not a concern.

Social Media/Photos: We do post photos of our day to day, and sometimes that may include posting photos of your pet! If you wish to not have your pets photo on any of our social media platforms please let us know!

Hours of Operation: We start our day at 8AM and end it at 8PM. We will not schedule a Check In, or Walk past 7pm. We also will not answer business calls, emails, or texts/messages after 8pm unless it is an emergency situation. All business related messages and calls will be returned on the following business day. 

Tips: Yes, we do accept tips! 

Unfortunately we do not accept friend requests on our personal social media accounts. We do however  encourage you to keep up with all of the great things happening via our business social media accounts! 

All policies and procedures are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Salty Paws Dog Walking